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About AppCheck Anti-Ransomware

Protect yourself and your computer from ransomware with AppCheck Anti-Ransomware.

Ransomware is a bad, bad type of software that is malicious as it threatens to publish the personal and private data of the infected PC or block access to it unless some kind of ransom is paid. It is also hard to remove once it infects the computer.

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware
is one safeguard for your PC from modern day ransomware. It can prevent, detect and even recover files damaged from ransomware thanks to its next generation context awareness ransomware behavior detection engine.

It can stop in its tracks various ransomware such as those that are scripted based, memory based, hard linked based file  destruction types and the like. File lock ransomware are also prevented, has automatic roll-back of damaged files, has silent deployment, minimal resource use and more.

Is also complexly independent from Cloud. 

This program works with co-existence with your current anti-virus and PC security software.

Your knight against ransomware in AppCheck Anti-Ransomware.

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