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App Share makes it easy to share your favorite apps with your friends, especially if they have long and difficult names that can't easily be searched on the Play Store. The app works exactly as it should - send an app with a single touch via Android easy share, and a simple link is sent to whoever you shared it with. You can also share multiple links at once, as well as your entire app list with someone in case you really want to show off. App Share is very simple, and has a pretty barebones interface, but it does any job that you ask of it perfectly well.
App Share is a free app for Android that allows you to quickly share the Play Store links of your installed apps with other users.

App Share allows you to quickly find and share the Play Store links of any of your installed apps with other users. With a single tap from within the app, you can send a link to an app that you want to share with your friends, via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Bluetooth, or any other social networking app that makes use of the Android easy sharing interface.

The app also lets you send multiple links at once via batch app share, which lets you select several apps that you want to share using a checklist. The app can also compile a list of your installed apps and share it with others.

App Share's interface revolves around a list of installed apps, which can be searched through via keywords, or sorted by name, size, or install date.

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