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With a plethora of features that you won't know you needed until you've tried 'em, Apollo is easily among the best reddit clients out there. From the intuitive Jump Bar and a tabbed interface to gesture control and 3D touch, and even inline media viewing and uploading, there's nothing quite like it on iTunes.
Enhance your reddit browsing experience with Apollo for Reddit.

When you want to navigate through the rabbit hole that is Reddit, you need to have the right tool for it and Apollo for Reddit is that tool.

This is a Reddit client that is built for faster navigation to all the things you like. The app features a Jump Bar, custom gestures, a super charged Media Viewer, tabbed interface, Safari View Controller, Markdown composer, Markdown rendering, dark mode, 3D Touch support, support for multiple accounts and more.

There are also features and functions for Moderator. You can even filter and block in this app.

There is also a passcode/Face ID and Touch ID lock.

Enjoy your stay at Reddit with Apollo for Reddit for iPhone.

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