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Who could have thought that the humble to-do app or task manager could be refined or even revolutionized?'s developers apparently did, and the result is an amazing to-do list that not only includes the basic features, but also extends task management functionality by adding a variety of notifications, unique entry methods, and even collaborative functions. A must-have for anyone who needs to manage a lot of tasks at once, and for those who collaborate regularly on certain tasks, whether professionally or in the household. All this is wrapped up in an elegant and intuitive interface that is a joy and a breeze to use.
Effectively manage your time and all the things you need to do with To-do list, Task List for Android.

To-do list, Task List provides you with a dynamic to-do list that can allow you to keep track of anything you need, whether you want to track a single task that only works for one day, or one that recurs regularly - the app features a lot of tools that can support both. Each task can have individual customizable reminders that can be time-based or location-based, and you can even add sub-tasks to each task for finer detail, as well as attachments like notes. The app even supports integrated speech recognition, and a powerful auto-entry feature that takes into account previous tasks.

To-do list, Task List features an elegant interface that makes intuitive use of drag-and-drop commands to easily plan your agenda, allowing you to shuffle around your tasks or quickly delete them or mark them as complete. The app synchronizes all tasks, reminders, and notifications across all of your devices with To-do list, Task List installed and your account signed in, so you always have access to the most updated task list at all times whether you're on your tablet or phone.

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