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Danger under the sea in Anoxemia for iPhone.

It was supposed to a routine and simple mission of gathering samples from under the sea. However, that is no longer the case in Anoxemia for iPhone.

Things turn upside down as your submarine crashed to the ocean floor, rendering communications moot. You must survive despite your oxygen getting low and can't call for help. You only have your operations drone, ATMA, as companion but you are suspicious of its activities as it has been acting weird of sorts.

This is a story driven exploration game where you must get samples while surviving the dangers from passageways, poison drifts to ocean currents, mines and mobile machines out to get your head.

ATMA is your only hope to survive s it can help you in any way necessary using special tools and upgrades, if you can find those parts under the sea.

The game features 26 underwater levels, solve puzzles, voice narrative and more.

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There are dangers under the sea in Anoxemia for iPhone.

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