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AnkiApp is simple to use but provides advanced functionality to users, and its AI-powered study coach is surprisingly not just a gimmick. The software also allows for rich formatting of custom flash cards and even synchronization of lessons. Formatting isn't actually all that robust, but it does make for better flash cards than otherwise without.
Aid your studies using flashcards with AnkiApp Flashcards for the iPhone.

AnkiApp Flashcards provides you with flashcards that can help you study for a wide variety of topics. The app is designed with Spaced Repetition in mind, working in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence to give you the most possible learning every time you study. AnkiApp uses intelligent analyses of your progress to choose what flashcards you need to work on.

The flash cards can be made or customized according to your needs, complete with rich formatting. You can make your own flashcards with colors, bullet lists and more. There are also ready made flashcards that you can download. You can make cards from the photos you have, flip decks back-to-front and more. Lessons can be synced to your desktop or to other phones or tablets, and decks can be shared with friends through their email. The app provides a text to speech function, offline mode, HTML and CSS support, and can be used offline.

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