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Angry Birds 2 represents an intelligent improvement in gameplay, visuals, and replayability over its predecessors. The new gameplay elements add a fascinating new layer of strategy, randomized levels make it so that you can't just beat the game with a walkthrough or trial and error, visuals are vastly improved with cute and expressive animations and parallax effects, and boss battles are well-designed and don't feel at all tacked-on. The only thing stopping the game from being a truly perfect sequel is the freemium energy system, which was absent from previous games, and prevents long sessions.
The birds are back for more pig slaying, slingshot-flinging mayhem in Angry Birds 2 for Android.

The first true sequel in the Angry Birds franchise finally comes to your Android device in Angry Birds 2. This sequel to the iconic 2009 game drastically changes up the gameplay with new multi-stage levels, unique spells that can give you an advantage as you assault the pigs' fortresses, and the all-new ability to choose which birds to use, rather than rely on the order they're presented to you.

Angry Birds 2 also features piggie bosses to deal with, like the Foreman Pig, Chef Pig, and the King Pig, as well as a randomized level where the layout of enemy fortresses changes completely whenever you replay a level.

Aside from new features and levels, the game has vastly improved graphics, brand-new animations for every character, and challenges and tournaments that put you up against players from all over the world.

Unlike previous games in the series, Angry Birds 2 has a life/energy system that has a waiting time for recharging, which can be optionally replenished through in-app purchases. Players can hold a maximum of five lives, which regenerate at a rate of one every 30 minutes.

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