Download Amplify Battery Extender (Root) 4.0.1 for Android

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About Amplify Battery Extender (Root)

Keep your battery power longer with Amplify Battery Extender for Android.

Amplify Battery Extender
is a free app for rooted Android which helps you save more battery life by managing your smartphone's screen wake up time.

It has long been known that too long wakeclock of your screen can contribute largely on draining your battery. With the app, it will give you a comprehensive list with descriptions on what alarms. services, and their wakeclocks that may consume too much power. It offers a new beautiful UI design which has an open sourced codebase so anybody could see and help to build the app. Unfortunately, the app requires a root to function effectively.

Download the Amplify Battery Extender and save battery power by managing your wakeclock.

WARNING: don't try this apps unless you know what you're doing. Installing this app could lead to your phone becoming inoperable.

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