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About Amazon Photos

The power of cloud for your photos in Amazon Photos for iPhone.

The cloud has become the go to idea when it comes to storing bits of data like photos that will not take up space in your phone or hard drive. Amazon Photos bring full resolution storage in your hands as you get 5GBs worth for your photos and videos.

There is a Groups feature where you can pool and share your media on any device like phone or tablet. You can even set up a screensaver for your Amazon Echo and Fire TV. You can use this app to back up your photos and videos and keep them safe in the event your phone gets broken or lost.

It is useful when you want to free some space in your device so all you have to do us keep them in this app. You can also find photos by keyword.

Prime members get way more of a better deal as they get unlimited photo storage plus 5 GB video storage as perks of their membership. They can share it with 5 more people, search more than keyword like the name of the person in the photo or location.

No matter what happens to your iPhone, your photos stay intact in the clouds with Amazon Photos.

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