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About Alto's Odyssey

An endless journey of exploration in Alto's Odyssey for iPhone.

The sequel that is not to be but a follow up is Alto's Odyssey to Alto's Adventure. This is a standalone experience where you don't need to play the previous game in order to understand its world.

Here, you must join Alto and his friends set on a sandboarding adventure where secrets will be discovered. There will be dunes, canyons and long hidden temples to explore at, bounce atop hot air balloons, go across vines, ride rock walls, escape lemurs and many more.

The game features its one touch trick system, combos to do, 180 goals to complete, dynamic lighting and weather effect, 6 characters with each have their own attributes and abilities.

Headphones are recommended when playing this game thanks to its handcrafted audio and original music.

There are new places to explore in Alto's Odyssey for iPhone.

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