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Something like AllergyEats practically demands a strong track record of reliability - it's a matter of life and death. Yet due to its lack of curation for the crowdsourced data, or badly delivered information, it sometimes recommends restaurants that are very much not good for people with food allergies.
Get allergy-friendly restaurant information across the U.S. on your Android device with AllergyEats.

AllergyEats lists down hundreds of thousands of restaurants and indicate whether they cater to the needs of customers with food allergies.

Each restaurant featured in the app comes with peer-based feedback of real customers with food allergies on how well they were taken care off on specific restaurants. You can also search for these allergy friendly restaurants, view their ratings, receive directions to them from your current location, get more information about the restaurant and much more.

Aside from viewing ratings and information, you can also make reservations for restaurants from directly within the app - over 20,000 restaurants tied to OpenTable support this feature.

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