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About Alien: Blackout

Try if you can survive the terror of the Alien in Alien: Blackout for iPhone.

The Alien franchise comes to your iPhone as you try to survive its terror aboard a crippled Weyland-Yutani space station that is carrying a Xenomorph hell bent on hunting you and the crew down in Alien: Blackout.

You must make the hard choices in order to outsmart the hunter and use the damaged controls to your advantage. This is a new chapter that follows the tale of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley. Make use of the holographic maps, surveillance cameras and motion tracker in order for you and the crew to hide from the perfect hunter.

There are 7 levels in this game.

You can play this game over and over again using different strategies and theories.

Get this game for $4.99.

Fear the hunter in Alien: Blackout for iPhone.

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