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About Alchemy Synth Mobile

Alchemy Synth Mobile is a free music application designed for both iPhone and iPad devices developed by Camel Audio that turns your mobile phone into a powerful synthesizer. This app is the iOs version of Camel Audio’s award winning Alchemy synth with thousand of records and films by world class artists.

Choose from various controls like cutoff, resonance, ADSR and effects parameters which an be selected for every preset to create tweaking sounds. Using the intuitive interface of the app, you can easily play the built-in mini keyboard which features scalable size as well as plug an external Core Midi keyboard.

Furthermore, you can launch other apps while using the Alchemy Player. Simply paste a loop from your sequencer into Alchemy Player,play and then paste the loop back result into the sequencer. Choose from 25 sounds or expand the app to a wide range of sound libraries like BigTone, Cinematic and Arp Dimensions.

Overall, Alchemy Synth Mobile is the best application to enjoy your type of music anytime and anywhere using your apple-touch devices.

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