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About Alarmy

Better wake up while you can with Alarmy for iPhone.

If you think waking up on your own is a pain, wait until Alarmy works its magic on you.

This is an iPhone app that is described as the "World's most annoying alarm app." That alone would give you a hint of what this app is capable of. Alarm apps like alarm clocks are effective but if you are just one of the rare ones who might need to a sledgehammer to wake up, this app makes sure that you absolutely wake up.

It has non traditional ways of making sure you wake up when it rings like having to" register" a room and take a picture of it or have to shake your phone a number of times in order for it to stop and more.

It is optimized for the latest in phones, is easy to use, intuitive and sleek.

Absolutely wake up with Alarmy for iPhone.

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