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About AlarmMon

Wake up with fun alarm through your Android with AlarmMon app.

AlarmMon is a free app for Android which lets you get up from your bed through the alarm by playing a game to make the alarm stop.

The app will really make you wake up for it has a unique system of waking you up. The alarm will sound and will not stop until you play a short & simple game and finish it, only then will the alarm stop sounding it's tune. It also has many kinds of alarm to wake you up such as a noisy alarm, a quiet alarm, video alarm, voice alarm, idol band alarm, etc. And then there are numerous kinds of games to play to make the alarm stop, just choose what you want to set the alarm. Through this you earn points which in turn make you buy turns for a jackpot slot machine that might get you a surprise gift.

Download AlarmMon now and wake up to a fun time.

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