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Eat all the agar and cells in

Everything starts with the cell. And in, you play as a cell bent on growing larger by eating other smaller cells as well as agar.

You can split into two once it has reached a specified mass. This would make you be able to control multiple cells right in this browser game. You play this game on a petri dish where you play one of 5 game modes: Battle Royale, Teams, Experimental, Party and Free for All.
Viruses in the game are easy to find by their color and looks as they are green and spiky circles. They are also randomly generated but can also be generated when having enough mass that causes it to split into two and become new viruses as well.

You too can have your cells split in order to combat the viruses by having shooting the virus from a range. You must also move and react fast.

The cells can merge back as one cell.

The cells are fighting in

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