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Revolutionize how you design with Affinity Designer for iPad.

Vector art often called as "draw graphics" is a type of graphic that makes use of mathematical algorithms to allow the image being made to be made, scaled and modified without loss of image quality or resolution. A non vector image like bitmap appears jagged hen jagged while an image made with Adobe Illustrator or any other similar software maintains its crispness when zoomed in or out.

Affinity Designer takes vector art to your hands as you can create it in your iPad. This app turns your tablet into the most precise, smoothest and fastest vector graphic design software that you can use for websites, marketing materials, UI design, icons and even concept art.

Optimized for mobile, the app features Metal-accelerated performance, full iCloud integration, sensitive to pressure, angle and tilt when used with the Apple Pencil.

You can pan and zoom live at 120 fps, live pixel and retina view of vector art, has wireframe mode, split screen mode, professional color models in CMYK, RGB, LAB and Grayscale, full 16-bit per channel editing, end to end ICC color management, live gradient, live effects, powerful and rock solid tools, create your own brushes, artboards and more.

Get this app for $19.99.

Design in vector art on the go with Affinity Designer for iPad.

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