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AdwCleaner sets itself apart from the rest by stripping away all the bells and whistles and providing only the most basic scanning and removal functions. The app doesn't need to be installed - it just needs to be run, and all the options for scanning for adware, removing toolbars, and others are instantly available. While this may seem a little horrifying to power users, it's effective and safe to use.
Free your PC from adware with AdwCleaner.

is a free anti-adware application that removes software from your PC which serves you annoying ads and potentially harms your performance or privacy. The software can also clean potentially unwanted programs, gives the option of removing toolbars from your browser, and disables homepage hijackers which redirect you to unwanted websites.

AdwCleaner includes a search mode function and a mode suppression feature, in case you need to view sites that disallow ad blockers. It separates its modes into "Scan" and "Clean," which makes cleaning up your PC as easy as two steps. It also has a quick Uninstall option for easy uninstalling.

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