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About Adventures of Poco Eco

Explore a world to see and hear in Adventures of Poco Eco for the iPhone.

Games are meant to entertain. And that games in mobile devices are designed to ward off boredom on the go. Recently, there are mobile games that do more than entertain as it offers more in terms of story and design. Adventures of Poco Eco is a game for the iPhone that explores your senses ina an audio visual experience like no other. This is a game that relies much on what you see and on what you hear in the game. You must help Poco and his tribe find their Sounds by way of solving mini puzzles, completing all of the 12 3D animated levels and more. As you get this game, you also get a full length 7 track LP from lamyank, a multi talented artist from Hungary whoose sounds can be described as dreamy electronic.

This is a game where different artists of different styles and backgrounds come together for one mobile experience like no one has seen or heard before.

Help Poco finish  his mission of finding Sounds in Adventures of Poco Eco for the iPhone.

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