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About Adblock plus (Chrome)

Have a much better experience surfing webpages without the ads with Adblock Plus.

Ads in various places in different websites can be annoying as it hinders your enjoyment of looking at a webpage. Instead of reading or watching videos directly, your eyes have to focus first on the ads being displayed.

Adblock Plus
bring their kind of magic to Google Chrome as it can successfully remove ads in various webpages and sites like YouTube.

This extension can also do other things aside from blocking ads like blocking viruses, stopping tracking in its tracks and lets you have full control your internet usage. It can block ads that are also video as well as social media advertising as well. You can also check on how many ads you have blocked, report bus or even change your settings.

The extension also supports the Acceptable Ads initiative. These are non intrusive ads that does not hinder or disrupt your enjoyment of the internet. You can also turn off this too as you want to block all ads in your computer.  

Remove ads and bring back a pleasant time surfing webpages with Adblock Plus.

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