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Take your Mac for protection with AdGuard for Mac.

Online ads are a double edge sword: they can let you know of a new product, promo or sale or just be a hindrance as it ruins whatever you are watching, listening or browsing. Your Mac too can be a target for ads, malicious sites, trackers and more.

With AdGuard for Mac, your Mac will will be protected. Ads such as video ads, pop-ups and banners will be a thing of the past thanks to cosmetic processing and background filtering. Your privacy is also safe as it stops trackers in their tracks as it accumulate rules against online analytics too.

It doesn't matter which browser you use in your Mac as this app is versatile and can stop ads in all browsers from the most common ones like Safari, Chrome to the most exotic ones. There is no need for extra apps or extensions with this app installed.

You can also have the option to filter ads and traffic as well.

Add protection to your mac with AdGuard for Mac.

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