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About Accompany for Gmail (Chrome)

Get more info for your Gmail contacts right on your Google Chrome browser with Accompany for Gmail.

Accompany for Gmail is a free Google Chrome browser extension that gives you more content and info on your Gmail contacts.

The app helps you gather enough info on your Gmail contacts all over the web, plus everything you must know about the email sender, you just have to hover your mouse over the names and you'll see extra info. The app may pull the info you need from all over the world wide web such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Crunchbase, and works well together with but not limited to, Boomerang, Secure Mail, Todoist, Mailtrack, plus so much more.

The app may provide you the info on where they work, what do they do, brief history of their career, an over view of their company, etc.

Download the Accompany for Gmail now and gather some rich profile info of your Gmail contacts.

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