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About AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall is a free downloadable software for Windows PC intended to protect your computer against hackers and Internet threats that await any opportunity or weakness in your system to get inside that may cause damage. The program allows you to create your own profile to control the network and internet connections.

AVS Firewall has many features to start for the main, for protection against malware by allowing you to select a level of security to prevent unauthorized access. On the other hand, when an attempted registry change occurs, it will detect and alert you by displaying a notification message.

AVS Firewall also offers blocking Flash ads that are animated on your screen, parental controls to limit access to your children to sites that you consider undesirable or dangerous. Lastly, this security software allows you to control Internet traffic if you have limited internet access and you do not want to pay additional fees and tells you when a software or an application attempts to connect to Internet so that you are always kept informed.

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