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Play a vicious game of Predator Hunters versus the Dangerous Aliens on your Android with AVP: Evolution.

AVP: Evolution is a paid app for the Android by Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc  which lets you play as the Predator and the Aliens in this amazing RPG game of kill or be killed.

The Super Predators have forced the help from the Aliens to annihilate their rival clan, the Jungle Hunter Clan of the Predators by enslaving them to do their bidding. If you want to play as the Predators, you will have to eliminate the Alien Queen to stop your rival super Predators from eradicating your Jungle Hunter Clan. And if you want to play the Alien side, you must destroy the Super Predators and free your species from enslavement.

The game boasts of incredible graphics, intense combat with vicious upgradable characters, and a chilling environment.

Download the AVP: Evolution now and enjoy each factions visceral gameplay.

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