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About AMD Radeon Adrenaline

Unleash the power of your graphics card with AMD Radeon Adrenaline.

AMD Radeon is designed for performance and power in terms of graphics in your games, movies and anything else you do in your computer or laptop. Push the boundaries of its capabilities with AMD Radeon Adrenaline.

There is a trio of user friendly advisors in the app namely Radeon Game Advisor, Settings Advisor and Upgrade Advisor. All of these helps and suggest in improving the performance of the GPU in terms of your gaming, system capabilities and hardware upgrades as well.

It also has a Radeon ReLive, a way to relive your gaming experience with in-game replay, edit live streams, GIF support and be able to capture both audio and video multi-channel in 16:9 and 900p output. This app also bridges your computer to mobile for more seamless gaming and streaming.

The app also has more control for a complete power management of your PC or laptop in terms of memory clocks, fan speed, engine clocks, GPU voltage and temperature.

Control your GPU with AMD Radeon Adrenaline.    

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