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ALISON's approach to education is far more focused on practical skills training than other e-learning services, featuring skills certification and quick aptitude testing that you won't find elsewhere. Learning is of high quality and covers many major subjects, and best of all it's completely free where similar training programs would be very expensive.
Learn new things over the Internet with ALISON.

ALISON brings an entire world of education right to your computer, absolutely free. It features more than 750 online courses across a variety of categories ranging from Diploma Courses, Languages, School Curriculum, Digital Literacy and IT Skills, Business, Financial Literacy, Health and even Personal Development and Soft Skills.

Each skill taught by ALISON is workplace-focused, with what you learn being immediately applicable to the workplace. In this light, the app offers free aptitude testing that can show employers what you know in an instant, and also presents verifiable and credible certifications that you can use for work and experience.

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