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About AKVIS Enhancer

AKVIS Enhancer is an image enhancement tool that improves the output of your photos.  It detects the underexposed, overexposed and mid tome areas of your photos. It brings into focus blurred images and also it supports HDRI technology.

AKVIS Enhancer works in four modes; Enhancer, Focus, Smart Correction and HDR mode. In Enhancer mode, the program brings out the details on one single shot by increasing color transition. In Focus mode, the program improves sharpness of blurred images.

In Smart Correction mode, the program makes color correction of a photo. Lastly, HDR mode the program combines a series of images to get one HDR picture.

In addition, AKVIS Enhancer is not only useful for correction of art photos; it can also be used in other professions like doctors to see the detail on roentgenograms and so on. It supports batch conversions that automatically process a series of images.

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