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Great audio quality and special effects, as well as strong format support and unusual but appreciated features like an alarm clock, all combine with powerful library management features to make AIMP one of the best free players out there. It might not have a particular gimmick like heavy customization or cloud storage linking, but it's simple enough to use. It's also well-documented, making penetrating the somewhat dense and confusing interface far less of a chore than it might otherwise have been.
AIMP is a fully-featured music player that allows for playback from many different.

AIMP provides support for a huge range of file formats, ranging from the ever-popular MP3 and AAC to FLAC, OGG, OPUS, and S3M files. The application makes use of 32-bit audio processing for maximum quality, and to fully make use of its great array of sound features such as an 18-band equalizer, and several high-quality built-in sound effects like Reverb, Flanger, Tempo, Voice Remover and more.

AIMP also comes with detailed and intuitive music library management tools. The software can easily and automatically organize tracks, insert marks into tracks that have already been listened to, and automatically provide smart playlists based on your library. You can also edit song metadata, add track numbering based on albums, and even automatically download cover art for each album.

Aside from local playback, AIMP also comes with internet radio support in a variety of streaming formats. It can also capture online radio stations to its wide array of supported file types.

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