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If you were a fan of the old Windows Gadgets and want them back on Windows 8, then 8GadgetPack just might suit your needs. The original Gadgets work exactly as they did before, with CPU meters and network monitoring tools having the system-level access that Metro Apps often lack. However, Microsoft originally deprecated Windows Gadgets because of security issues, and if you install any .gadget files from untrusted sources, you risk opening yourself up to malware. In addition, even if they're safe, not all .gadget files work anyway, with many being incompatible with Windows 8. Still, at its most basic, 8GadgetsPack does what it sets out to do, with the original suite of gadgets plus a few popular ones working just fine.
Bring Windows Gadgets back to Windows 8 with 8GadgetPack.

8GadgetPack is a lightweight utility that emulates the functionality of the Sidebar and Windows Gadgets that were found in Windows Vista and 7. Gadgets were removed in Windows 8, but 8GadgetPack brings them back fully functional.

8GadgetsPack comes with various gadgets such as All CPU Meter, Calendar, Clock, and more. You can also install .gadget files that were meant for Windows Vista and 7, and they'll work in Windows 8 just fine.

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