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80 Days is a masterpiece of storytelling that invokes every possible emotion, being anywhere from funny and cute to poignant and depressing. Its branching narrative means that the game is already fun and replayable, while challenging management mechanics test the limits of your abilities to race against the clock. One of the best pieces of interactive fiction ever made.
Experience a steampunk take on a beloved classic with 80 Days for the iPhone.

80 Days is a modern retelling of the classic Jules Verne novel, but with a steampunk twist. The game features a branching narrative that lets you choose your own decisions and route that will influence the path of the story and your relationship with your master, ultimately deciding your fate and the outcome of the game.

80 Days has you play as Passepartout, loyal servant of Phileas Fogg, as you balance your master's health and finances over the course of your journey. Here you will visit over 150 cities, by airship, submarine, and many more as you race against the clock! See a fascinating alternate 1872 with a steampunk, techno-fantasy twist as you climb mountains, sail up the Amazon, and explore beneath the ocean.

The game's clock is constantly running, with trains, balloons, steamers, boats, and more leaving and arriving minute by minute. With network connectivity, see other players and their position in the game world, along with their routes, successes, and failures.

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