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    X-Ray Camera is a free photography app for Android that allows capturing photos through buildings.

    X-Ray Camera features an Enhanced-reality camera app that makes it possible to take photos through buildings and walls by utilizing the GPS. It also has a new zoom feature works up to 100 mile away. Simply hold camera level, adjust zoom factor if necessary them aim and shoot or just follow the on-screen directions.

    Tips: If the device appears to be pointing in the wrong direction, move the device as if drawing a “figure 8” to re-calibrate. If the charging stucks, just wait and make sure the GPS is already activated. If you’re indoors and walking toward a door or window, the device is looking for a GPS fix. In some cases, just waving the device around picks up a GPS signal.

    The best setting fro urban areas would be a zoom factor of 2. Some high density areas such as Manhattan or the East-end may benefit from the zoom factor of 1. For suburban areas, the minimum zoom factor would be 3-6, depending on the distance between roads.

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