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WhatsApp is one of the most popular and oldest smartphone messaging apps around. It doesn't have a particularly interesting feature set, but it makes up for it with a huge user base and excellent quality of service that's pretty much unmatched. It also allows for regular chat log backups, a feature sorely missed in many messaging apps out there. The only glaring problem with WhatsApp is its lack of video call support, which should be mandatory for messaging apps these days.
WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile communications app developed by WhatsApp Inc.

WhatsApp Messenger
makes use of your mobile data plan or Wi-Fi connection to communicate with other users through voice calls and text messages, without incurring MMS, SMS, or voice call charges. WhatsApp Messenger is free for the first year of use, then it costs $0.99 per year to use, which is significantly cheaper than standard carrier charges for calls and SMS. The app is free even when calling international users, and works on any internet connection regardless of location, saving on roaming charges or international call costs.

WhatsApp Messenger creates users' accounts through their mobile phone numbers, which removes the need to create and memorize a username and password. The app will also scan users' address books, which automatically adds contacts who are also using WhatsApp.

Aside from standard communication methods, the app also allows for group chats, broadcast messages to multiple contacts, and easy multimedia sharing.

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