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WM5NewMenu improves somewhat on the clutter of standard Windows Mobile, and its extensive settings applet gives you a great deal of power over the launcher. It's difficult to really objectively take a look at these older apps when modern design principles are so much more fluid, but WM5NewMenu definitely is an improvement over stock.
Slap a fresh coat of paint onto your Windows Mobile smartphone with WM5NewMenu.

Not a fan of your current app launcher interface? WM5NewMenu is a great solution for you. The app gives you a new menu launcher and a settings applet that provides you with a great degree of customizability over the interface.

WM5NewMenu can be launched with a today soft key or the hardware button of your choice. It has cascading menus that can go as far as 6 levels, with 31 items in each level, and also has separators and quick actions for calling and SMS. It also features landscape support and its position can be configured easily.

This launcher also comes with several preconfigured actions which you can use to create new items like a word document, SMS, notes, MMS and more. It supports the original New Menu items, and allow for third-party extensions too.

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