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    With a basic GUI Teamspeak is open to a wide audience. Nevertheless, Teamspeak is especially used by gamers, for several reasonslike for example; the possibility to host an unlimited number of clients per show, or the fact that it can be very resource intensive, a major advantage when the network have to play together.

    Teamspeak offers a fairly comprehensive configuration panel, it is possible to record conversations, make "key-binding and save connection profiles. From a technical viewpoint, Teamspeak is a software-based client / server architecture. The server acts as host, which hosts an unlimited number of clients.

    To better understand, here briefly how the software works: for each speaker, an audio stream is transmitted to the server. The server then decides where to send the audio stream (ie, persons present in the same room). If X people talking at once, then X streams will be sent to the server, which will return the same number of flows to everyone in the room (which will help you realize the use of the bandwidth).

    Teamspeak offers 13 types of codecs used. A codec is a technical word to describe how the data will be compressed (so try to reduce traffic). The codecs are on your internet connection. For example, for an ADSL connection, the codec will then recommend the "Speex 16.3" or the "Speex 25.9" if you want to transmit music.

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