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About Tap Pet Hotel

Tap Pet Hotel is a free game app for iPhone and iPad iOS devices, developed by Pocket Gems, Inc.

Tap Pet Hotel is a management game that allows you to build your own hotel for pets complete with furniture and pet grooming fixtures. The game provides special themed rooms which are fully customizable. The pet ranges to 50 different pets from puppies to mythological creatures like Dragons.

You can also hire different staffs that can expertly groom your pets. As you play along, you can collect money points and use it to build an even better hotel. It also features new unlockable rooms and pets for each level.

As for the graphics, it features nicely animated characters, from pets to human characters. The visual theme also encompasses the same animated appearance from the fixtures, rooms and overall game background.

Note: This game allows you to purchase items in the game for real money. If you don’t want these features to be accessible, just simply disable the in-app purchase.

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