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Talking Tom Cat presents a silly premise that on paper doesn't seem like it has any longevity, but in practice the silliness makes for hours of fun. Tom isn't a demanding virtual pet that constantly needs care, and has enough unique reactions to keep things interesting long after the fun should have died out. The real draw though is the funny voice in which Tom repeats everything you say - a feature that is funnier than it has any right to be.
Talking Tom Cat is a game developed by Outfit7 for Android.

Talking Tom lets you play with the eponymous talking cat, Talking Tom. Players can pet and feed Tom like a virtual pet, and can grab Tom’s tail, poke his belly or punch him for fun reactions. Players can also talk to Tom, which will cause him to repeat what was said to him said in a hilarious high-pitched voice.

Tom can also be made to perform actions like playing cymbals, farting, throwing a cake, or eating a hapless Larry the Bird.

The game allows players to create videos of their experiences with Tom and share it with others via e-mail or YouTube.

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