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Root Checker lets you know if your Android is properly rooted and gives details about the rooting. The app will be able to tell you quicker and more easily the condition of your rooting of your Android. With it's advanced mode, it will display and allow you to share the details that can help troubleshoot rooting issues.
Checking your Android device for Root compatibility should not be a guesswork. Root Checker makes sure of that.

Root Checker is a free app for your Android device that simply tells you whether your device have the proper root access and Busybox installation. It also allows advanced details in your root or Busybox to be shared for troubleshooting in your device.

Root Checker is a simple and straightforward app for your Android device that tells you if your device has root set up or not.

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WARNING: Don't try this app unless you know what you're doing. Installing this app could lead to your phone becoming inoperable.


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