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Eating disorders can be fought head on with Recovery Record for then iPhone.

For many, appearances are everything. They also always self conscious on how they appear to people: how they dress, act and even look. They always think that their bodies are not perfect and some would go to the extreme in order to get the body they feel is right. However that is not the case as in exchange, they have destroyed their health and have eating disorders as a result. There is no outright cure for eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and the like. But it can be fought not just with a strong body and mind but also with Recovery Record as an aid.

This app can be used for self help or as a tool for your doctor to help with your recovery to over overcome your eating disorder. It replaces your diary as you can record your meals, thoughts and feelings, customize meal plans, recovery goals, coping tactics and log questions. You can also view your progress in charts, complete questionnaires, link with your treatment team, receive in the moment feedback and messages and more.

Start your journey to recovery from eating disorders with Recovery Record for the iPhone.

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