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Improve the quality of your sleep in thanks to Koala Browser for the iPhone.

You spend hours on your iPhone like playing games or surfing the internet and your social media. There are times that sleep takes a backseat as you spend more time scrolling, tapping and looking at your screen. There are studies and research that show that nighttime light exposure is bad as it suppress the production of melatonin that is a major hormone associated with sleep. This is called blue light and is found in all devices like the iPhone, TVs and even your computer. Koala Browser does its part for your iPhone as it can filter the blue light in it and help create a healthy, sleep cycle.

It can automatically adjust the color temperature depending on your time as well as sunset/sunrise time, has darkness boost, private browsing since this is still a web browser, multiple tabs, select search engines and more.

Filter the blue light as you surf the internet on your iPhone with Koala Browser.

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