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The struggle for good framerates is real for many people with weaker hardware and older, bloated OS installations. Thankfully, and surprisingly, IObit's Game Booster software actually works as advertised, cleaning up heavy background processes, opening up more RAM, and reducing OS CPU usage to ensure that games run as fast as they could. It's dead simple to use too - you're ready to go with a single click.
Game Booster helps you attain the best performance possible in your games with a single button press.

Game Booster
works by using a variety of tried-and-tested techniques to improve your game performance. The software downloads driver updates, which often come with performance improvements, tweaks system settings to optimize background CPU usage, cleans out memory usage, defragments game directories, and temporarily closes background processes, all in the name of higher framerates and reduced stuttering.

Game Booster will also update active gaming tools such as Ventrilo and Steam, bringing them to the most stable versions and improving gameplay.

Game Booster does not trigger and is compatible with anti-cheating software such as VAC, PunkBuster, and more, so you can use it without worrying about being banned for cheating or hacking.

No overclocking or dangerous operating system modifications are performed by Game Booster, and it does not install any viruses, spyware, or adware - only updates to applications that you already own.

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