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GO SMS Pro isn't just a stock messaging app replacement, though if all it did was improve upon the stock app, it would still be a great recommendation. GO SMS enhances the regular Android messaging interface with a better UI, pop-up notifications, automatic categorization, message delay for those of you with slippery fingers, and much more. However, it's the special features that really seal the deal: built-in message backup, message scheduling, and even encryption are the real stars here.
GO SMS Pro is a free app that replaces the stock SMS messaging interface for your Android device.

GO SMS Pro presents many enhancements and improvements upon the features of most basic SMS apps. It features much faster messaging, more functions, a better-looking UI, and pop-up message notifications. The app also allows you to pin important conversations to the top of your inbox, lets you add a brief delay to your texts to allow you to correct mistakes, and can categorize messages from strangers who aren't in your address book.

On top of these enhancements, GO SMS PRO sweetens the deal with unique features like a back-up/restore feature for messages, a built-in message scheduler, private message encryption, black list folders, and several themes and settings.

GO SMS Pro also includes support for free Wi-Fi or mobile data-based messaging through GO Chat.

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