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GO Launcher EX is fast and consumes very little in the way of system resources, making it perfect for even low-end devices. The wide array of downloadable themes and icons certainly give great value to this already free product, which has many features that you'd expect to find in the paid versions of other launchers. Our only real quibble is with the intrusive advertisements, which rather unfortunately impact your day-to-day usage
GO Launcher EX is a free, highly customizable app launcher for Android.

GO Launcher EX is the extended version of the popular GO Launcher home app. Similar to Nova Launcher in customizability, it features thousands of themes, icons and wallpapers that are constantly updated, 17 unique transition effects, various new widgets on top of the stock widgets that come with your version of Android, and a theme store that has both free and paid themes and widgets available for download.

GO Launcher EX
also allows you to create custom gestures linked to apps of your choosing. Once you have a custom gesture created, simply draw it with your finger on the desktop, and the app will open.

Built in to GO Launcher EX is the ability to hide and lock your apps, securing them and allowing only you to access them through a set password.

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