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Freelancing is a growing trend nowadays. Employers have seen the value of freelancers as there is more what people around them can offer. People really see the benefits of not being constricted to work on a strict 9 to 5 work day and have the flexibility to do other things as well. Freelancer is an app that connects both employers and freelancers as it is here where projects and jobs are posted and where the right talent is just a tap away. The app works in both ways as for Employers, the app lets them post projects and job orders straight from their Android device. You can also review bids and award the job to the right person all from device and on the go. The app can also be used to communicate with the talent wherever you are.

As for the freelancer, this app lets you create a profile, look at jobs and projects depending on your profile and skills. You can also bid on projects, share your proposal and communicate with your client.

Getting the job done for both employers and freelancers is Freelancer for Android. 

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