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About FAST (File-Versioning and Syncing Tool)

FAST (File-Versioning and Syncing Tool) is a free software used for synchronizing files and folders of different locations and creates version of files of different modified time. FAST is made by Google.

FAST offers feature that can synchronize and back up your files and folders between computers, laptops or other external storage device. It can help its users to organize their files and prepare it when they need it. It saves time and trouble if they need their files to be ready and organized when they need it the most. FAST has features like Two-way synchronization where it allows its users to sync files and folders between two locations at a time. The Quick Sync feature is a fast version of synchronizing your files and folders. The Safe Sync does synchronization with sure processing. The Folder Pair feature allows its users to save a template of the current synchronization state including the specific conditions to run the sync on specific locations. The File Versioning feature supports versioning of all types of files and it also has Revert File Versioning, Folder Versioning, Restore Folder Versions. It you want to keep track of the tasks, changes and events, this software keeps a log of what is happening during the sync process. It also has folder compare, tree like display, support for drive change and more features to come.

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