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Dragon City's city-building aspect plays out like most other social games of its type - there's an energy bar, in-app currency, and the ability to visit your friends to help them out with their buildings. In this regard it's not really all that special, except for the undeniably attractive art and visuals. However, the combat aspect really brings the game to life, where the hard work you spend on training and caring for your dragons really pays off. It's a shame that combat has such a small hard limit on how many times you can fight per day.
Breed dragons and have them duke it out with other dragons right on your PC with Dragon City for Facebook.

Dragon City is a free game app on Facebook which lets you raise and breed your own dragons, from hatching them from eggs to feeding them as they grows, and then ultimately training your dragon team to fight opponents from all over the world.

Dragon City features over 100 different dragons, with new ones added every week. You can breed and combine 10 different types of dragons to form any combination you can think of.

When not training your dragons, build your very own Dragon City, with farms, special structures, decorations, and more. Complete over 160 goals and discover new worlds as your city grows.

Charming animated graphics bring Dragon City and your dragons to life.

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