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    Get a virtual keys on your screen for your Android with Button Savior (Root).

    Button Savior is a free app for the Android by Kiumiu.CA which simulates your hardware keys on the screen of your phone.

    Button Savior will display a virtual key panel which you can summon at anytime, this is mostly used for those phone that maybe has lost the function of it's hardware keys and this is used to replace or support them.

    Some of it's key features are; Simulates 'Home' 'Back' 'Search' 'Back' 'Recent Task' 'Screen Off' 'Volume', Can set to always open or auto hide based on user customizable timer, Two types of trigger action to choose from (Gesture trigger and Click trigger), Customizable trigger position, Also provides themes to support e-ink display and many-many more other features!

    Download now the Button Savior app for some ease on the non-functioning key buttons on your phone.

    Visit the Tom's Guide for more of the best free game apps for the Android.

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