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Boot Animations provides the ability to change your boot animations, which is a nice niche function since you don't really see it that much anyway. Unfortunately, the animations it comes with are hardly of the best quality. There's also a chance of incompatibility, and even worse, some phones get soft-bricked after running this app.
Shake up your worn and old startup logo with Boot Animations for Android.

Boot Animations is a free app for Android which requires root access and BusyBox. The app allows you to replace the manufacturer logo animation that displays on your phone's startup with  various customizable boot animations to your

The app offers hundreds of custom boot animations, the ability to convert any GIF to a boot animation, and allows installation of animations from an SD card. The app also allows for randomized boot animations, backup and restoration of  boot animations, and even outright disabling boot animations to make the startup process much faster.

Aside from replacing boot animations, the app also comes with a fully-featured root file explorer that lets you dive into your system folders and protected files.

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