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    Atlantica Online Full is a strategy MMORPG developed by NDoors that features an innovative turn-based combat system and a unique guild control system with elements of old-school RPG and MMORPG.

    Just like typical RPGs, this game features a deep and engaging storyline that unravels as the player travels through the world and participate in quests. In the game, gamers play as the descendant of the Atlantians- once a proud and greedy race that vanished forever decades ago.

    In Atlantica Online Full, the player’s main quest is to search for the lost Atlantis City while fighting with adversaries across the Earth. The game features an array of weapons to choose from Axes and Swords to Staffs and Guns which the player chooses at the onset of the game.

    The game features 20 unique mercenaries, and allows players to have up to 9 mercenaries to complete a team. These mercenaries level up just like the player’s character. It can also “evolve” into different forms using Ashen Crystals.

    Atlantica Online Full
    ’s gameplay is turn-based just like Final Fantasy with a 30-second interval between turns. However, the PvP battles end when the player falls. There are several other elements of the game that would amaze players and are best experienced rather than read.

    Overall, Atlantica Online Full is an exciting and engaging MMORPG  with challenging battles that would keep players hooked for hours.

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