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    Best Of Media editors review:

    AdFree's unique method of blocking ads means that it doesn't need to be yet another running background app that might slow down your phone or decrease its battery life. However, the downside of this method is that some ads will inevitably slip through as advertising companies change their IP addresses, or use new ones. The automatic update feature resolves this, though it can still be annoying to see ads despite having an ad blocker app already. One other downside to AdFree is that it needs root permissions; those of you with stock firmware are out of luck.

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    AdFree Android is a free ad blocker app for Android devices.

    Advertisements on Android, whether on the browser or in the form of full-screen pages in certain apps, can be intrusive, or even detrimental to performance and battery life. AdFree fixes this problem by preventing ads from even loading on your device.

    AdFree works by changing your hosts file to block known ad-serving IP addresses. This means that any app or site that tries to load an ad will be unable to do so, as the new hosts file blacklists it. AdFree does not run in the background, as simply changing the hosts file is enough to block ads, but you can set the app to run occasionally to check for updates to the hosts file and apply them automatically.

    AdFree requires an Android device with root permissions to function.

    Visit Tom's Guide for more of the best free apps for the Android as well as updates and news about Android.

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