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  • Weather Watcher Live - Shareware

    Total download: 0 in Leisure and Useful Applications

    Weather Watcher Live is a shareware that provides users real-time weather forecasts and updates from thousands of weather stations across the globe. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Mike Singer | Language: English | File size: 5.68 MB
    Release date: 07/28/2016
  • Wise Registry Cleaner Free - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in Utilities

    Wise Registry Cleaner is a shareware cleaner software that allows users to clean their registry for Windows-based PC. This cleaner software removes th... Download

    Available for: | Publisher: WiseCleaner | Language: English
    Release date: 07/28/2016
  • RouterPassView - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in Utilities

    RouterPassView mainly functions as a password recovery tool for router files. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Nirsoft | Language: English | File size: 111.82 KB
    Release date: 07/28/2016
  • Stinger - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in Security

    McAfee AVERT Stinger is a security software that detect and remove specific viruses on your computer. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: McAfee | Language: English
    Release date: 07/28/2016
  • AVS Registry Cleaner - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in Utilities

    AVS Registry Cleaner is a utility software by Online Media Technologies Ltd., for cleaning the registry for Windows-based operating system. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Online Media Technologies Ltd. | Language: English | File size: 8.32 MB
    Release date: 07/28/2016
  • iSpy - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in Images And Graphics

    iSpy is a program that provides security using different peripherals like webcam, IP camera and microphones. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: DeveloperInABox | Language: English | File size: 21.76 MB
    Release date: 07/28/2016
  • EditBone - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in Utilities

    Get a text editing tool for your Windows PC with EditBone. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Lasse Rautiainen | Language: English | File size: 3.28 MB
    Release date: 07/27/2016
  • EDFbrowser - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in Internet

    EDFbrowser is a free open-source multiplatform viewer and toolbox for timeseries storage files such as EEG, EMG, ECG and BioImpedance. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Teunis van Beelen | Language: English | File size: 4.32 MB
    Release date: 07/27/2016
  • Outlook4Gmail - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in Office

    Organize and synchronize your Outlook and Gmail accounts with Outlook4Gmail. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Scand Ltd | Language: English | File size: 10.09 MB
    Release date: 07/27/2016
  • Phoenix II - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in iPhone

    Shoot those enemies down in Phoenix II for the iPhone. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Firi Games | Language: English
    Release date: 07/27/2016
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  • BrainsBreaker is a fun and challenging puzzle game for Windows that features an array of jigsaw puzzles to solve plus the ability to create...
  • Flyff is a free MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that runs on Windows-based computers.
  • Experience a heroic adventure in Everquest.
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